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Event Chair

Kevin McMahon
CEO of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Honorary Chairs

Anne Lewis
Aradhna and Grant Oliphant
Mardi and Bill Isler
Anna Hollis and Gregg Kander
Ellen and Jack Kessler
Lori Cardille and Jim Rogal
Louisa and Jim Rudolph
Bill Strickland
Eric & Marcy Gold
Jamie Widdoes
Bernie Goldmann


The Legacy Award

Audrey Hillman Fisher

Steeltown’s founding board chair, Anne Lewis, will present the biggest honor of the 2018 Elly Awards to Audrey Hillman Fisher. Audrey was the first to suggest the creation of a nonprofit to push the dream of a burgeoning media industry in Pittsburgh forward. Without her, Steeltown simply wouldn’t exist, and Pittsburgh’s entertainment industry wouldn’t be as vibrant as it is today.

The Pioneer Award

The Founding Mothers

This year Jamie Widdoes (Two and Half MenMom), Eric Gold (Scary Movie, In Living Color), and Bernie Goldmann (300The Last Witch Hunter) will present The George Romero Pioneer Award to their mothers – Thelma Landay, Babs Widdoes, & Rita Seltman, as well as, a few other special women who helped bring Steeltown to life.

The Impact Award

Kim Moses

Ghost Whisperer producer and Donora native, Kim Moses, will receive The Impact Award for her commitment to bringing film and television jobs to Pittsburgh.

In 2017, Kim’s television production, Gone, created numerous job for local people and invested over $10 million dollars in our region.

The Indie Award

Demetrius & Christina Wren

Demetrius and Christina Wren will receive The Indie Award for their work on the feature film The Rehabilitation of the Hill as part of Steeltown’s first Film Lab.

This community-driven film and learning lab, done in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, provided on-set learning opportunities for students and locals.



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